1. Sumathi Ramjee is an engineer by training but an Arts Based Therapy practitioner and trainer by profession. She brings to the class a wonderfully refreshing atmosphere and the children look forward to her every class. She teaches, other than doing Arts Based Therapy, History & Civics. She has several awards to her name including Pearson’s Best Teacher of the Year award.
  2. Shoba Rani is an Arts Based Therapy practitioner. An expert in handling adolescents she works with the vocational group as a therapist.
  3. Padmini Padaki is a language teacher. Having more than 3 decades of teaching experience students who learn under her learn forever.
  4. Qudusiya Begum is a very creative teacher working with young adults.
  5. Gowri Venkatesh is calm and unfazed even in trying circumstance. She works with all disabilities.
  6. Supriya Murali is the YogaTherapist, Computer teacher, gardening expert all rolled into one. She has an unending enthusiasm for her work.
  7. Usha Madan is the Counselor who has brought peace and joy to many children, their parents and teachers. She also takes personality development classes to adolescents and Samashraya students.
  8. Sagaya Mary Prema, a calm and composed person she teaches the SSLC class and also trains Boy Scouts of our school.
  9. Gayathri Padubidri is a highly talented teacher who can write lyrics and set them to music in no time at all. She makes teaching very easy for other teachers by setting lessons to music!
  10. Vijayalakshmi Mohan is a very talented teacher whose fingers work magic in the kitchen. She takes classes for Vocational group learning catering and hospitality management.
  11. Krishna Ranganathan is another talented teacher who comes up with very original and highly interesting teaching-learning materials. She has won the Best Creative Teacher award instituted by CIQ.
  12. Suma Shyamsunder heads Vinaya, the Vocational Centre of Deepika. She works with complete dedication and involvement.
  13. Shyama Ravindra is in charge of Samashraya. She is guiding the senior students with a firm but very kind hand. She is also an Arts Based Therapy Practitioner.
  14. Jayanthi works with adolescent ASD students and understands them perfectly be they verbal or non-verbal.
  15. Malathi is a very kind teacher musically inclined. She is very sincere and thinks and plans for her students all 24 hours.
  16. Geetha works with young children and sometimes with adolescents too. She also teaches sign language to children who are non-verbal.
  17. Arpita Majumdar works with middle school level students. She is full of life and brings the same boundless energy into her class. She always goes that extra length to help her students.
  18. Jyoti Bhat teaches NIOS secondary students but it doesn’t stop her from working with young students too. She takes one-to-one classes across ages and ability.
  19. Nagaveni handles students across disabilities. She is also Girl Guide trainer. She has immense patience and good understanding of the students.
  20. Sarvamangala is a mild and quiet person very ideally suited to the Autism group. She works uncomplainingly and with joy.
  21. Ashwini is a lively bubbly teacher in the autism department. She understands her students perfectly and works very well with them.
  22. Meghana Ram is a great dancer. She motivates students and teachers alike with her grace and charm. She teaches LD students and also a dance therapist.
  23. Chandrika Badrinath is a homeopathy doctor and a yoga therapist. She is very creative and works across disabilities
  24. Krishnaveni is a calm and composed teacher open to learning. She is also training to be an Arts Based Therapy practitioner.
  25. Keerthilakshmi works with great sincerity and she is an expert in working with younger children.
  26. Sharmila Naveen works across disabilities but her work with children under Autism Spectrum Disorder is excellent.
  27. Poornima also works with children under ASD. She is also trained in Sensory Integration Therapy.
  28. Brunda is a calm and dedicated teacher working patiently with young children with mental retardation.
  29. Veena is a quiet and calm person who has worked wonderfully with the intellectually challenged children. Her students are now equally calm now and display great maturity.
  30. Manjula Roy works with children with ASD. A patient and tolerant person, she works with dedication in spite of personal difficulties. She sings beautifully.


  1. Mohan Kumar is a professional artist and art therapist. He does not just teach art but works on the entire personalities of the children. Many of his students are truly blooming now.
  2. Neetu is a physiotherapist and she is also trained in sensory integration therapy.
  3. Meena Ganapathy holds a doctorate in music and also holds certificate in Music Therapy. She is always calm, open to learning new ideas, tolerant and helpful and very spiritual.
  4. Kumar is a sports and fitness trainer.

Administrative Staff

  1. Parvathy A , Secretary, knows the complete workings of the school.
  2. Ramamani
  3. Jyothi Ravi

Teacher Perspective

A place that inspires, nourishes and transforms us into beautiful souls!....

Usha Madan


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