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Disability is part of diversity. And diversity helps build this beautiful world.

Deepika helps this diversity brought to the fore; by respecting the difference; by encouraging the brain to process information in its own way and prove that ‘difference’ makes this world a better place to live in.

The school began in 1998 with three children from mainstream schools and currently has more than 150 children receiving training and healing. We are proud to state that many of the ex-students of Deepika have gone for higher education and some are gainfully employed. Apart from remediation, Deepika believes in imparting holistic instruction which involves a lot of healing that is value-based and multiple therapy oriented. Children are taken out and educated on the field regularly. The curriculum thus developed for the pupils is unique to Deepika.

Deepika has classes from primary to a Senior Secondary level of NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling, Delhi) and Karnataka State Board.


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Student Perspective

Deepika is a home that has given me inspiration, love and a platform to achieve!!!....

Kousthub S
Musician, ex-student


Donations given to Deepika School will come under 80G of Income Tax act.

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